I’m back after an extended absence which was much longer than I’d planned or even anticipated. What happened?
The easy answer is “Life”.    
But the real answer is ‘life’.
A short time after I last posted I attended the Desert Dreams Writers Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. I don’t know about you but I find I’m always braver and willing to take more risks when I’m some place where most people don’t know me.
Desert Dreams provided a perfect opportunity to take a leap into a known level of discomfort. You may not realize it from reading this blog and following me on Romancing The Genres, but I’m camera shy.
Hate to have my picture taken.
Is that enough of a hint for you to guess the momentous leap I took?
The conference chairs, Susan Lanier and Tina LaVon McCright, provided an opportunity for conference attendees to have a professional photograph taken by Diane Graham of Diane Graham Photography. If you live in the Tucson area, I highly recommend her.
See below what her results are with a camera- phobic client!
My Intention was to take the leap and have a professional picture taken instead of the first photo which is cropped from another photo where I at least thought I looked ‘okay’ which is why the shoulders are a bit odd.
Now I have a professional photo that can be cropped to fit and, if I do say so myself, I do not look like a deer caught in headlights. Both eyes are open, I’ve a smile on my face – what happened?
My Intention was to have a professional picture taken and Synchronicity brought me face-to-face with Diane Graham whose friendly demeanor and willingness to chat a bit so I relaxed, helped me be at my best. The first picture showed me laughing. Quick shots followed and it was over so fast I never had time to worry, tense up, or frown. Do you have a favorite between the two, and if you do, Why?
Look for the ‘new me’ at www.RomancingTheGenres.blogspot.com this Friday, June 1st. I’m sharing a wedding day story…