In June of this year, Diana came to live in my yard. She is a Dwarf Japanese Larch (tree) and what sets her apart from other types of trees is that she drops her needles. Yep, that’s right – her needles, not her leaves.

This morning the sun was shining (it can be a rare event in the Pacific Northwest) and Diana was splendiferous with dew drops shimmering on her reddish needles throughout twisted branches. I attempted to take a picture to share with you. In one she is in shadow – the sun as the backdrop. In the other one, she hard to see because of the large tree in my neighbors backyard.

I’ll try again and when I get a shot that does her justice I’ll post it here.

It is amazing to see the green needles turn reddish brown and orange. They have yet to drop but I’m assured they soon will. Winter is coming and Diana is getting ready.