There are those days when everything seems to fall into place and then there are those other days when nothing seems to go right.

A place where I experience peace of mind

I have an Intention that is about The Universe Always Serves My Highest Good and on those ‘haywire’ days (and yes, I have them too) I take a deep breath and do my best to relax (not always an easy thing for me) and whisper this Intention.

Trust is difficult for me but it is imperative for my peace of mind. To turn that ‘haywire’ day around I must trust that there is something in the the chaos of the day that is ‘in service’ to me.

A writer friend, Tam Linsey, pointed out that the dots don’t always connect the way we think they will and I use that thought to relax into the mess and let it be.

I admit it is still work even though I’ve been working on trusting that whatever happens in my life is there to serve me – but it is easier to do now and for that I’m grateful.

If you have some tips for dealing with those days when nothing seems to go right, please share.

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