In 2006 Rhonda Brynes published The Secret. The concepts I’d learned in the 1970’s were back and a new generation of people were introduced to the power of their minds, the power of their Intentions, the power to manifest their dreams and desires.

Over the years I’d fallen out of practice in using those ‘tools’ I’d learned in Lifespring. The Secret gave me the opportunity to reconnect with what I knew worked. I’d been in a motor vehicle accident in 204 and the time had come to settle with the insurance companies. I used the framework Brynes lists in her book to write out what it was I wanted to occur during mediation. At least twice a day I followed the process and focused on what I wanted.

At the end of mediation, if all the concessions were added together, I was less than $5K from the figure I’d envisioned. The process was relatively effortless which was something else I’d asked for. How did that happen? Synchronicity. While Intentions and Synchronicities do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, they do compliment each other.

What was synchronistic was the mediator had had a similar medical issue to what I was experiencing as a result of the accident. Neither my attorneys nor I had to explain the effect those symptoms had on my daily life. He knew, he’d been there himself.

Do you look for synchronicities to support your intentions? I’d like to hear your story so please feel free to comment.