When all is in Synchronicity our Intentions are manifested!

This past week was Busy! Wednesday, Charlie and Jim from Comfort Heating, installed my new heat pump and mini-split. The Ruud, shown above, was designed and manufactured for the climate of the NW. It is much more energy efficient than my old one and will heat my house even when the temperature is in the low 30’s! That means I’ll seldom use my oil furnace…

Hiding behind my blueberry plant is the outside unit of my Daikin mini-split. Small and Quiet, unless the branches of the blueberry are moving, you don’t even know it’s on! Next is the inside unit – also quiet. It is on the wall in my sleeping area, keeping it cool enough to easily and effortlessly sleep in the (it’s finally here) warm weather.

Also on Thursday, my Japanese Dwarf Blue Larch – Diana – arrived and was planted in my backyard. I’d gone to Drake’s 7 Dees Nursery Wednesday afternoon for Ladies Night and came home with geraniums and a couple of fushias to keep Diana company.

She’ll grow to be 15 – 20 feet tall and with a spread of 7 – 10 feet. In the Fall her needles will turn red and orange and drop. In the spring new, green needles with a bluish cast will grow. Her branches are somewhat twisted so her bare limbs will provide an ever-changing pattern during the winter months.

It is wonderful to sit here at my computer and glance out the window to see Diana and her Geranium buddies getting to know each other and feel comfortable in my yard, to know that a month ago I had a clear Intention of making some changes (lessening my dependence on heating oil, enhancing the comfort of my sleeping area when it is hot, and finding a tree that speaks to my soul and my creativity). And here I am, on Saturday, July 2 sharing The Results! My Intentions made Manifest through Synchronicity.