You’ll be getting two blogs close together because of technology. One can have the Intention but what I’m learning is without the technical savy a blog can be delayed.

I’ve also just experienced that even a fervent Intention may not be answered by the Universe.

My three week trip to Nashville, Tennessee and Cincinnati, Ohio did not go smoothly and effortlessly. Delta changed my itinerary so I spent four hours in the Salt Lake City airport arriving in Nashville after midnight instead of 9 p.m. My return trip fared a similar fate for different reasons and I arrived back in Portland at 11 p.m. instead of 7 p.m.

However, there were lessons to learn because of the delays so perhaps The Universe knew better than me. If things had gone smoothly (my trip was easy and effortless) then the questions I pondered would never have been asked and answered and my life would continue in the old direction instead of a new one.

When we hold a clear and fervent Intention, it does not mean it will manifest. But that also does not mean we are not being heard. It may mean that what we want is not what we need or what will serve our highest good.

If you’ve had similar experiences, please share.