Some of you may be reading Intentions and Synchonicities for the first time because you clicked on the link at Romancing The Genres. Yes, I’m a two blog writer! What do these two blogs have in common? Me!

Romancing The Genres is my writer blog. Sarah Raplee McDermed and I came up with the idea for a group blog and made it happen. We launched on May 1, 2011 and have had over 8000 page views since then. The 21 Genre-istas are from 9 states and New Zealand. Some are published authors and some are yet-to-be published authors but we’ve all completed at least one manuscript. (No, just finishing a manuscript does not get you published). You can read more about my writing on the blog (I post the first Friday of every month) or at my website.

Intentions and Synchronicities is my personal blog. I’ve been remiss at keeping up regular posts but am ‘starting again’. At I&S I blog about things that interest me, share how Intentions and Synchronicities play a role in my life and invite you to join a discussion about these topics. I’ve friends who share these ideas and one of the things we’re talking about is one or more of them joining me on this blog. Look for a post from Michele Lauren in the near future.

How do you influence events in your life? How does synchronicity play a part in your life? How do your beliefs in how the world works affect your Intentions and your perception of Synchronicity? Those questions and other topics will be discussed or ruminated about on this blog. I’d love it if you’d join me.