Had major technical problems last Tuesday, at least I thought I did. I couldn’t figure out how to get in to post the following blog. By the time I did figure that out, Thursday, I was swamped with ‘things to do’ to get ready to go to Emerald City Writers Conference Friday through Sunday. This is last weeks thoughts and in a couple of days I’ll post this weeks.

Each morning as I focus on my Intentions when I say my last one and ask for my day to be easily and effortlessly full of joy and happiness, I lift my arms and say

“I dedicate myself to be of service to those around me.”

Simple words that I’ve said virtually every day since late January 2010. Last week I began a new experiment and I’ve paid attention to what those words mean in a different way.

Tuesday I had a person tell me about problems with a parent’s estate. I realized I knew something about the problem and had some suggestions. What is the probability that someone would ask start sharing with me a problem they had and that it would be something I knew enough about I could make suggestions for solutions.

I’ve been paying attention and realize that almost every day something happens, usually not as ‘big’ as my Tuesday experience, where I am in ‘service’ to someone else. Helping with a minor chore, sharing some information, telling a funny story when someone needed a laugh.

It really isn’t about servitude, it is about awareness. Being in the moment, looking for little ways to ease another person’s life. Holding the door open for someone on crutches or using a cane or with arms loaded with groceries. Distracting the cranky child while the parent finishes checking out at the store. Little things…yes, as the old song goes…little things mean a lot.