Three of us celebrated Samhain together sitting around a fire pit drinking a bit of mulled wine and sharing our memories of Samhain’s past and what this beginning of the turning of the wheel of the year meant to each of us. After general sharing we called in the elements and directions and honored those who’ve crossed the veil by telling stories about what they meant to us and still mean to us today. Besides the mulled wine, we had lemon poppy seed scones and later, wine.

One thing we all agreed on was that finding community was important to us. Sharing these traditions can be done through a solitary practice but there is also benefit in being part of community practice. My two friends have belonged to larger pagan communities while I’ve attended a few larger events but have not belonged to a larger community.

Recently I’d read about celebrating the Dark Moon. Something about that struck a chord and I shared that I wanted to add that to my practice. Both women were interested.

Out I went and finally found an outdoor fireplace that my granddaughter and her boyfriend set up for me. Tonight is the Dark Moon of November. Three of us (not the same three) will gather and celebrate this darkest time of the month. We’ll spend some time reflecting by the fire on what we want to manifest during the waxing moon (from now until the Full Moon in a couple of weeks). Sharing is optional. I’ve already looked ahead – the Dark Moon of December is on Tuesday, 12/03/2013 and the Dark Moon of January is actually Wednesday, January 1!

My plan is, if possible we’ll be outside but if it is raining, we can gather inside – in front of the fireplace. We’ll keep the lights off because this is the dark time of the month and we are moving to the dark time of the year. From my perspective, part of the purpose is to be in the dark, in the void, to use that time or reflect on where we’ve been as well as where we want to go.

I’ve asked myself and am now asking you:
What do you want to bring forth during this next turning of the wheel?
What do you want to manifest during this waxing moon?

My prayer for you:
May your path this waxing moon move you ever closer to manifesting your desires.

Blessed Be