I think that is the term to use when the computer freezes up or stops working. We ‘reboot’ it and get it moving again. Right now that term seems to be accurate as it is now Tuesday and I’m just sitting down to write and post this blog.

When I started blogging in May, I posted on Thursday. Then I was unavailable for three weeks and had three guest bloggers. With some technical glitches, one post didn’t make it on Thursday and one was posted on Wednesday.

So I began thinking about the day of the week I post and decided Thursday was not my best day as I have a standing meeting and work from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Friday. What day would work? Monday!

Last week I posted on Monday but this week – nope. It’s Tuesday.

Looping back to the title of this blog: Rebooting. Another slide in my life is my daily practice of stating my Intentions first thing in the morning. I’ve had several days when I’ve not formally said them at all. I will admit the idea of them flits through my mind and some of them are mentally repeated, but the formal practice I kept up for over six months has slipped away.

So I’m “rebooting”. I could continue to let it slide, continue to be haphazard about my Intentions and when I blog. That certainly is my choice. But, when I thought about how hectic my life has been the past couple of weeks, how tired I feel, and how rushed (one of the reasons I’ve procrastinated) I truly do know I’ve not been more busy than at any other time since late January.

There is a balance between being rigid, slavish even to a routine and being sloppy, lax even.

When I stated my Intentions each morning, my days were smoother, my busy life easier, there was more joy and happiness and my life did feel as if it were easier and more effortless.

It’s 10:30 a.m. I’ll post this blog and do my Intentions. I’ll think about the Synchronicities I’ve experienced in the hustle and bustle, and I’ll count the blessings and miracles that have been a part of my life.

I’ve ‘rebooted’ and recognize that life will be and time will pass and more than likely I’ll ‘reboot’ again.

Have you learned to ‘reboot’ when your life isn’t working for you? Are you able to remain in gratitude with yourself as you do it?