Widowed teacher Sophia Stewart looks for a new way to add purpose to her life after the death of a friend. Her plan: volunteer to check on vulnerable adults. On a dark November night, a home visit goes wrong when a younger man exploiting one of her clients harasses her. Afraid he will follow her up the overgrown path to her car, Sophia calls 911.

Over twenty-five years on the force, where cruel and depraved actions come with the territory, have left Police Captain Cameron “Cam” Mitchell cynical and emotionally closed off. Though off duty, he responds to a radio dispatch to a nearby address. A woman is being threatened. When Sophia scrambles out of the darkness into his arms, the spark between them catches him off guard.

Sophia’s generous nature and love of life despite the tragedies she’s experienced call to the black hole within Cam. The energetic work she and her circle sisters have been doing enables Sophia to see a glimmer of light within the officer’s dark aura. She recognizes who he was—and can be again.
With the support of her circle sisters and their husbands, Sophia and Cam struggle to find their way forward, to build a life of love in the light.

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