Gabriella Maria Moncrief is blessed. She survived childhood abuse and years on the streets before finding her way to the Sacred Women’s Circle and good friends who sustain her now. But she still suffers nightmares she’s certain have roots in the abuse. When she meets Giovanni, the gentle Italian reaches out, but Gabby is unable to reach back.

Giovanni’s invitation to his villa in Italy includes her circle sister, Sophia, who grieves the loss of a long time friend. There Gabby begins her own healing process. But as she crafts the story of a young homeless girl, a composite of herself and other homeless teens she’s known, Gabby slowly begins to feel different about herself, and her place in the world.

And about Giovanni’s place in her world. But when Gabby is offered a chance to remain in Italy and write, will she have the courage to make this leap of faith? With her circle sisters’ support, how much more can she grow?

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