One of the most difficult lessons I’ve had to learn in my life is that not only do I have my own life’s path to live but those that I love and hold dear also have theirs. The challenge for me is when their path includes rocks, boulders, detours, slides, pot holes – well, you get the picture. It is easy to support someone when their life is going well or has a bump or two along the way but when a major sink hole or road block occurs then what.

My natural inclination is to charge in to ‘help’. I’m very good at organizing, making appointments, arranging transportation, finding resources. And then advice…I want you all to know that the world would be a better place if it just followed my words of wisdom.
So finding myself in the place where there is nothing I can really do to make things better, to fix things has been a challenge. To see people I love face terrifying challenges and know that the best I can do is be their friend, listen when they need to talk, remind them of what they do have control over, send them unconditional love, keep them in healing light and prayers and know in my heart that it is all I need to do.

They are on their own path and it is not mine. I bear witness to their journey and keep to my own path, keep on my own life’s journey, grateful for those times our journey is on the same path.