Good Morning! This post is way outside the norm for me.

Why? There are several reasons but the one that counts stems from last week’s post “A Tale of Two Friendships” and unconditional support.

In an hour I’ll be heading out to pick up the accessibility van so I can move my friend. He will have his own room and be with other veterans. He will have nursing care just outside his door. He will have other amenities like physical therapy and a barber shop just down the hall.

Today I’m putting aside my own advice to take care of oneself first. I’m coming down with a cold and it most likely would be best if I stayed home and kept warm and dry, drank plenty of fluids and took some ‘warding off a cold remedy’.

However, that’s not happening.

Once my friend is moved, I’ll have the rest of the week to take care of myself instead of knowing I still have the move to do.

We are on an adventure today!!! One that will improve both of our lives.

Wish us well!