By Judith Ashley

Last weekend I spent Saturday with an old group of friends (and made some new ones). In another part of my life I’m on the senior international faculty for The William Glasser Institute and we had a regional meeting.


Our Region has had a series of Directors who’ve been more interested in their Glasser Institute Board duties than keeping the membership of the geographic area they represent connected. Our new Director has taken a year to get up to speed. She met with former Region leadership, supported faculty who were doing trainings, put up a new website because the previous one died when the hosting fee wasn’t paid, etc. Last but not least she organized a day long meeting so we could reconnect and make a plan to move forward.

What I said when it was my turn to introduce myself: I’m grateful for this meeting because it is so important to me to have a place where I can come and know everyone in the room has a similar view of how the world works. Well, if you know me there was a bit more.


As a writer of romance that statement is true of chapter meetings and conferences. Everyone in the room is a romance writer or potential romance writer. And, as writers of romance there are ways we view the world whether we write sci fi romance or sweet inspirational romance. Our heroine and hero will have challenges, they will overcome them, more challenges will crop up and they’ll beat them back. In the end they’ll figure it out and have their happily-ever-after (or HEA).

My next few posts will focus on the teachings of Dr. William Glasser, a psychiatrist whose curiosity about how people work led to his development of Reality Therapy, a counseling modality. And from that his creation of an underlying theory to support RT as a counseling modality and in its use in schools, businesses, and an individual’s life. That theory is Choice Theory.

You may want to check out The William Glasser – US website. We’ve a fantastic day of webinars coming up on 10/10/14. Leaders in the field of mental health are interviewed – you can check the listing so you can tune in to the people you most want to hear.

Curious about how Dr. Glasser’s work is viewed around the world? Check out The William Glasser International website. We are teaching Choice Theory to the World!

Enthusiastic Group at 2014 Regional Meeting

Stay tuned to learn how to use Dr. Glasser’s Needs Assessment Survey to improve your life or to create conflict between your characters.