Where do you feel most connected to the energy around you? Some people swear it is by water, the ocean or waterfalls in particular. Others, find a mountain top their source.

Since we are energy, it is possible to be connected at any time, in any place. Do you have a place where you shift your focus and align with the energy forces around you?

Mornings I sit on my couch, facing south, looking out a small window next to my fireplace. The view includes the top of a tree that has morphed into the shape of a bird. My gaze passes through a selenite sphere and a glass ball I made myself. When the sun shines, the sphere becomes a glowing orb of fractures and compartments, drawing me into its mystery.

Where do you most often see energy? The aura of another living being. I was recently at writer’s conference and watched one of the key speakers stride in front of his audience, conviction in his voice, his golden aura pulsing. His passion for his subject drew energy from his depths and from the audience around him.

Where do you most often feel the energy inside you expand and grow, reach beyond yourself to include the world around you? What are you doing when caught up in the passion of life? Figure that out and then concentrate your Intention to replicate that sense of connectedness to the source.

It can be done.