This post was first published June 10, 2010 but I’ve added to it!

I have a list of Intentions I focus on at the beginning of each day. I’ve been diligent (only missed one) since I started January 27th, 2010. And even on that day though I did not sit and read and ponder each statement, the ideas swirled through me as I sat at my computer working on my current novel.

My Intentions include words like ‘easy’ and ‘effortlessly’. I’ve lived over half of my life from the point of view that if I work harder I’ll have better results, I’ll get ahead faster, I’ll produce more, I’ll make more money. This view of the world is a kindred spirit of ‘no pain, no gain’.

The term ‘hard work’ is often associated with long hours, pushing through, getting it done which are not necessarily bad but when there is a heaviness, a ‘have to’ mind set that creates stress, then the joy of the work is lost. Think about the time you were engrossed in a project and the time just flew by. That is what living a life with ease and effortlessness is about.

At this point I want to have it all. I want a life of love, joy, happiness. I want to be productive, writing and publishing my novels. I want time to be with friends and family. And then there is the reality of working until my income from writing increases. With only twenty-four hours in a day, how does that come about? How do I have a life of effortlessness and ease and have all that, do all that?

Shifting my belief that life has to be hard to be good, that I have to struggle to be successful is my starting point. Since I’ve started my daily Intention work my life is easier, more effortless. I find myself leaving late for an appointment but arriving on time. I find ideas flow into my mind when I relax. I find people who are blessings to me show up without my having to search for them.

The experiment I’m committed to for at least a year is to see how easily and effortlessly I can live my life. How little effort it actually takes to have what I want if I’m clear about and focused on what I want (Intention). To be open to and aware of the world around me and the Synchronicities that support my goals, dreams, and desires.

I’d love to have you join me.

April 25, 2015

Almost five years have passed since I wrote this post. Where am I now?

+ Retired except for my writing and some teaching for The William Glasser Institute.
+ More focused on my own health and fitness than ever before.
+ Still working on eliminating stress/tension from my life – while I’ve made progress, I’ve still a ways to go. 

Recently I started working with a new Rehab program because of pain in my hands which is exacerbated with typing. What I really like about the two people I’ve worked with is they do Not endorse the “no pain, no gain” perspective. In fact, they are on the opposite side of the spectrum. “If it hurts, stop!”

They broke down all the exercises given to me to three simple concepts:

Pace Yourself

*** If I don’t get all the exercises done but I’ve moved throughout the day (I wear a step counter and my current goal is 5K steps a day), I’m good.

*** Am I taking breaks every hour from the computer? I’m good.

*** Am I getting a good night’s sleep? I’m good.

My life is easier and more effortless as I go through each day. I still tend to over plan my days but not as much as I once did. I still tend to be a perfectionist, but I’m catching myself and reminding me of my priorities.

Pace Myself

I’ve already seen the results of those three life-style changes and remain committed to stay on this path. 

Are you committed to an easier and effortless life-style?
What changes are you making?
I’m always open to learning from others, so please share!