Listening to J.A. Jance Talk About Her Journey to Realizing Her Dream as a Writer was inspiring.

Tears welled and my head nodded in agreement. My throat choked with emotions. I sat spell-bound while J. A. Jance talked about her journey to realizing her dream as a writer.

Many life events could have deterred her but the dream and drive to write always won out. She’d been told women couldn’t support themselves writing. Being a part of that same generation I found her talk heartwarming and inspiring. I’d had a college professor tell me I would not get hired as a history teacher because the history teachers were men and coached.
The gracious J.A. Jance and a thrilled Judith

The time does come in every writer’s life when she must decide whether to use her “real” name or a pseudonym. That time did come and although Ms. Jance was more than willing to use her legal name, that wasn’t what happened. People wouldn’t buy her books if they knew they were written by a woman!

Actually as I was growing up, girls and women were often told they could not succeed in certain professions because