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A key component of The Women’s Circle series are the experiences these seven women have when ‘sitting’ or being in their circle. While there are different types of women’s circles (my Wild Women Writers group would be a women’s circle), Lily and her circle sisters are in a sacred women’s circle which is why they are involved in ceremonies.

I sat in my first sacred women’s circle in September 1993. The four of us who make up my present circle have been together for over fourteen years.

My first sacred women’s circle focused on honoring all that is around us. As I’d always had a strong draw toward nature (I’ve talked to the animals since I was small although they’ve not always answered me), my ties to everything around me became more defined and strengthened. When Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book The Millionth Circle was published in 1999, my best friend and circle sister read it and told me about it.

I didn’t read it then.

However, as I worked to put together my first website, I recalled her telling me about this book. I knew it was important for me to read it. The book is short (87 pages). Dr. Bolen writes about theoretical biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Field Theory. This theory states that the behavior of a species changes when a critical mass –the exact number needed–is reached. At that time, there is a shift and the behavior or habits of the entire species changes. In essence when critical mass is reached in any area, there is shift to the ‘new way’.

What if there was a way to have a peaceful planet with everyone safe, treated with respect and dignity?

What if the sacred in all things was recognized and revered?

What if love is the answer?

I encourage you to check out The Millionth Circle by reading Dr. Bolen’s book. Check out the website

On my blog I often talk about spiritual practices. And to learn more about women’s circles, earth-based spiritual practices, The Sacred Women’s Circle series is a good beginning place.

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