I picked up a book at Costco the other day. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne caught my eye so I picked it up, put it in my cart without paying much attention to it.

Yesterday I started reading it. The premise is one of those simple but complex ideas. The more we are grateful for what we have the more of it we attract.

Why is that a complex idea? Because there are times when we search for something we’re grateful for because we want it to be big and glorious – not something as mundane as ‘flush toilets’ as my neighbor mentioned. (Although I am Very Grateful for Flush Toilets!) It isn’t important (unless your toilet is broken). Do I really want to attract more working toilets? It is easy to discount some of the basics in our lives because we take them for granted and thereby don’t value them for the gifts they are – until, and that is a huge word – until they don’t work.

I’ve started my 28 day Gratitude Program outlined in The Magic. What I first noticed is that some of the passion or commitment has gone out of my voice as I go through my familiar daily spiritual routine. I found my voice this morning and noticed a difference. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am grateful for this one gift.

Tomorrow I’m sure there will be another one. I wonder what it will be.

What are you most grateful for? How do you show your gratitude? And how powerful are those ‘magic words’ we teach out children – ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Ask “Please” and it is given “Thank You”.