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Box Set 1 – 7

Vivid visions, speeding heart rate. Lily Hughes connects to the energy protecting this spot of land. She trusts this gift. But doubts and fears flood and overwhelm her thoughts when Jackson asks her to trust his love. Who wins? Her head or her heart?

When her parents die and her older brothers reject her, Elizabeth Elliott‘s need for family escalates to an obsession. Her commitment to her soul family, The Circle, is permanent. But what happens when she meets Michael, her heart family? What will she choose? Her heart or her soul?

Diana Pettybone has always been who others wanted her to be. With her vision filled with the unconditional love and support her Circle sisters have found, she sees how loveless her own marriage has become. But who is Diana? How can she find herself under the layers of other people’s perceptions and expectations?

Ashley Ann Carlyle Kenner is a stay-at-home mom who finds herself and her three children abandoned by her husband as she fights for her life in a second battle with breast cancer. When circumstances force Ashley to rely on Daniel O’Donnell, she must face the reality he means more to her than just a father-figure for her children.

Hunter Compton ran away at seventeen when she learned she was pregnant. Now she is a successful single mom, who is doing what she loves—teaching dance. A ghost from her past, the man who is the father of her daughter, appears a few months before the girl’s high school graduation. Overhearing her mother argue with the man claiming to be her father, Logan Compton runs away.

Gabriella Maria Moncrief is blessed. She survived childhood abuse and years on the streets before finding her way to the Sacred Women’s Circle. But she still suffers nightmares she’s certain have roots in the abuse. When she meets Giovanni, the gentle Italian reaches out, but Gabby is unable to reach back.

A widowed teacher, Sophia Stewart, looks for a new way to add purpose to her life after the death of a friend. Her plan: volunteer to check on vulnerable adults. On a dark November night, a home visit goes wrong when a younger man harasses her. Afraid he will follow her up the overgrown path to her car, Sophia calls 911. Cynical police Captain Cameron “Cam” Mitchell responds. When Sophia scrambles out of the darkness into his arms, the spark between them catches them both off guard.

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