It is the Fall Equinox when our world is in half light and half dark. Tomorrow the dark will gain a few minutes and by December 21st, we will experience the longest night and shortest day.

It is also the official beginning of Fall. However, those of us who live in Oregon have been experiencing it for some time. Cool days, cooler evenings…not quite time to turn on the furnace but close.

Do you recognize the seasons? The changes in light and dark, the ebb and flow of life on our Earth?

This is a powerful time with Fall Equinox today and in two days a Full Moon. I invite you to stand in the power of the Full Moon and while bathing in moonlight, call in what you most want to add to your life. In some parts of the world, you may have to imagine ‘bathing in moonlight’ because it will be cloudy and you won’t be able to see the Moon…but it is worth the imagining to call upon Nature to aid you in making your dreams your reality.

Let me know how it works.