November 3 was the Dark Moon, sometimes called the New Moon. It is the time of the lunar month when there is little light from the Grandmother.

(Moon = Grandmother; Sun = Grandfather in some traditions and I tend to think of the moon as Grandmother much more than I think of the sun as Grandfather – why? thoughts for another day).

I invited four people to share that evening with me and two were able to join in. Since the three of us come from different earth-based spiritual traditions it was a blending of sorts with my adding what I know from Wicca to my own spiritual practice.

After calling in spirits or guides and to some extent casting a circle, we spent some time just being with each other and the fire before sharing what we want to bring forth during the waxing moon. This isn’t so much about manifesting a complete project so much as it is about creating the stepping stones that will bring us to that point in our lives where we want to be.

For me, it is about concentrating on my physical health while I continue to write my stories. (I’ve a new short story First Love  up at Free Reads From The Genre-istas). Sometimes finding and keeping balance in my life is so much easier said than done!

The Wheel of the Year continues to turn—

We’ll be together again, before the fire, to celebrate the Dark Moon on December 3rd. If you do not have a group to join and don’t have a fireplace or an outdoor fire  pit, light a candle, turn off all the lights and sit with your focus on the flame. What do you want to bring forth between now and the Full Moon? What do you want to manifest over this next year? If you are alone, write it down or journal about your experience.

This is a journey – dark moon to full moon, full moon to dark moon, dark moon to full moon, full moon to dark moon – and so it goes.

Blessed Be.