Connections take time, effort, and energy. Whether it is a phone call, letter, card, email, or visit, to stay in touch with, to stay connected with someone takes Intention.

I’ve found myself sending the energy of unconditional love to people I no longer talk to or write or visit. It is my way of maintaining some sort of connection because these are people who have been very important in my life but right now I’m not expending the time, effort, or energy to have more direct contact. I don’t really want to totally let them go, so I don’t.

Relationships take everyone involved to keep the connection. Of course there are times when you call more or they write more, but over a span of time it needs to balance out. And who determines the span of time? We do.

If our Intention is to stay connected at a direct level (calls, letters, visits), we find the time and energy and we make the effort. If our Intention fades because our focus is diverted we find reasons and excuses instead of time and energy.

From my point of view, it is better for me to take stock of my connections and be purposeful, to set my Intention on those relationships I truly want in my life. I can always send unconditional love to those who have been important in my life, to maintain our connection on a different level.

It is the time of year when people send cards and notes to each other, or call to catch up. The Holiday Season … think about your Intentions with your Connections as you decide whether to connect with anyone, everyone, or a selected group. See if the decisions you make add joy, effortless, ease to your holiday celebrations and let me know what you find out.