Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women’s Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul.

Judith and Sarah Raplee and Love & Magick poster – Desert Dreams

This Wednesday I’m talking about being “out there” as in public venues.

While I’m not as introverted as some writers, I’m not someone who loves being in larger groups.
If you check out my headline and sidebar you’ll see that I’ve several public events coming up.
This first one is this Saturday. eRomance is sponsored by my home chapter, Rose City Romance Writers. Saturday during the day are workshops for writers and authors. Morning has to do with forensics and afternoon branding. (No not cattle).
February 25 – 28, 2016 is the Home and Garden Show at the Portland Expo Center. I’ll be there Thursday from 3 – 7, Friday from 12 – 5 and Sunday from 10 to at least 3 p.m. I’ll have four of my five books available and I’m selling my books at 10% off the direct from me to you price. I’d love to have you stop by!!!
Oh, and I’m guest blogging with Brenda Whiteside on Fearless Friday, February 26! Brenda is a member of the Desert Rose Romance Writer’s of America chapter as am I.
It may look like there is a big gap between my time with Brenda and the Home and Garden Show and the next event – Desert Dreams Writers Conference.
My home chapter, RCRW has a chapter meeting March 12, I’m flying to Phoenix early so I can attend the Desert Rose chapter meeting the end of March. I’ll also visit with family and friends in the area between my arrival and the start of the conference.
Judith and Sarah Raplee at book signing in 2014

Book signing is Saturday, April 9th from 5 -7 at the Embassy/Chaparrel Suites in Scottsdale. Desert Rose has great romance authors as members (think Jennifer Ashley, Erin Quinn, Vijaya Schartz, Kris Tualla to name a few). Check out the chapter website to see who else might be at the book signing.

So why am I sharing anything about this? Because being ‘out there’ is something most writers believe they need to do in order to gain name recognition. If people think they know you because they’ve heard your name several times, they are more likely to try one of your books.
And, while I write because I love to tell these stories, my feelings are not hurt when readers buy my books.
By the time you read this, I’ll have finished my read through of Gabriella and will have or will be printing the manuscript off to send to my first reader. A few days to get my taxes done and I’ll start Sophia. What’s special about Sophia is that is the last book in the original series.
I’m so excited to see the end of this part of my writing journey. Of course there are many more stories to tell. There are children who grow up and get their own stories and children yet to be born. A few of the secondary characters are also clamoring for space.
But for now, I’m making an effort to be “out there” to meet readers who are or may become fans.
As a reader, do you ever buy a book from an unknown-to-you author because you met her or him at an author event?

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