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Thank you for your interest in training in Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory and its application in counseling (Reality
Therapy); schools (Quality Schools); managing (Lead Management) and relationships in general.

Intensive trainings, whether basic or advanced, have the same content and follow a similar format. Basic trainings are an introduction to the concept of Choice Theory and the procedures that lead to change. Material is presented in lecture, discussion, and role play format. Videos of Dr. Glasser discussing his concepts or role playing are also used during the training process.

The William Glasser Institute requires that all intensive training leading to certification be facilitated by approved Institute faculty. It is also recommended that participants work with different instructors for each phase, especially the training phases. Fees for the Intensive Training include all materials and instruction.

The certification process has 5 phases. The Institute recommends a different instructor for each phase however; it is acceptable to complete your practicum with the same person who taught your Intensive Training.

Phase One: The Basic Intensive Training

  1. Minimum of 21-28 contact hours over a 3 – 4 day period of time or over two weekends with an Institute approved instructor.
  2. Presentation of basic concepts of choice theory and the procedures that lead to change. Participants are involved in role playing, discussions, and some lecture. Videos of Dr. Glasser are also available.
  3. Fee: $500.00 with a $100.00 deposit to guarantee place in training.

    Phase Two: The Basic Practicum

    1. Minimum of 30 contact hours with an approved practicum instructor
    2. Minimum of 6 months duration
    3. Practicum participants have the opportunity to discuss the application of the concepts learned in the Basic Training as well as role play in order to increase skill level and gain a greater understanding of choice theory and how to use the procedures that lead to change
    4. Fee: Contact Judith for details.

    Questions? Contact Judith, who is on the Senior Faculty, William Glasser Institute for more information. for more details.

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