By Judith Ashley

Twenty years ago in September I was invited to join a sacred women’s circle. Little did I know that when I said “yes” my life would change forever. So many experiences but more important so many people are now in my life because of that simple ‘yes’. However, what also transpired with that one word was the change in my path in life. Less than ten years from my sitting in my first women’s circle, the images and stories of seven women began to come to me in lucid dreams, day dreams, and visions. That was the beginning of my journey as the author of The Women’s Circle series.

What I want to share tonight is that for most pagans, Samhain (Halloween) is the beginning of the year. The veil between the world of the living and the deceased is thin and in other times, it was important to protect yourself from the spirits of those who walked between the worlds. It was also the time you could communicate best with those who had crossed over.

Time has splintered for me this month of October 2013 and I find myself behind in what I wanted to accomplish – one task being the writing of this blog post about Samhain.

Since this is cursory at best, my plan is to return and share a bit more about this beginning of the Wheel of Life or Wheel of the Year. Since Winter Solstice is in six short weeks, I’ll be back before then.

For now I’ve a few things to finish up before I join a few friends to celebrate.

May you find peace and love on both sides of the veil.

In love and light,