Apologies? For what you might ask.

This is the second post in March and it is the last one I’ll write this month.

I do have an April 4th post scheduled and hope you’ll stop back and check it out. Also I have an April 1 post up at www.RomancingTheGenres.blogspot.com I hope you check that one out also.

I’ve really done so well this year writing almost 8k words on blog posts but March 2016 has been a challenging month so just over 1K words and that includes the two April posts!

According to the Emergency Department doctor I saw (yes, I was that sick), in addition to Influenza A and B, there are nine (9) active virus this year. A friend of mine told me that a client of hers who works in administration at a local hospital said all area hospitals are being slammed this year. They just don’t have the beds for the people who need them!

For me, I’m doing traditional and non-traditional healing methods to get myself well. Not only am I tired of being sick, I’ve a writer’s conference and family and friends to see over the next two weeks.
When I get back, my plan is to resume my regular scheduled posting – every Monday and some Wednesdays.

Wish me well!!! Yep, that’s another non-traditional healing method!