Another tip to try out!

Take a $5.00 bill with you as you travel through your day. Use it to surprise someone.

While I’ve not actually done the $5.00 bill idea, I have purchased the groceries for the person in front of me who is on food stamps several times. By many people’s standards I’m not rich or wealthy but I do have money for food without food stamps. I’ve never truly gone hungry because I didn’t have food in the house or available to me. When possible, I ask the checker to not mention I was the one who paid. The stunned look on the faces of these people does not make me smile because what I did was not hard. It took no special effort. I didn’t sacrifice anything. Some of them have tears in their eyes as they look around trying to figure out who did this for them.

What do you do to add an unexpected gift to someone’s day?

I’m one of the senior faculty for The William Glasser Institute and after taking a couple of years off from teaching, I’d scheduled a Basic Intensive Training. At the end of the last day, there was a knock on my door. A local florist handed me a bouquet of flowers. Terri Allen, the Northwest Region’s US Board representative was the sender. So unexpected and so very appreciated! Guess who regularly schedules training?

Who has given you an unexpected gift?

As you travel through your day, look for ways to spread compassion with cash. It doesn’t have to be a stranger although for me that adds to my experience. A flower for a special person in your life? A specialty chocolate bar?

I’m fully aware that for some people spending $5.00 on someone else isn’t an option. That doesn’t mean you can’t add that unexpected gift to another person’s day. We’ve already explored the power of a smile, the power of saying ‘thank you‘ and the power of really listening. And, none of those actions cost a penny.

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