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At the very least, we need a positive relationship with ourselves to feel good about our lives. Finding ways to move through negative stressors is essential. How to find your answers to what you want to improve is at the heart of my books and trainings.


I write about every day women facing every day challenges who create a safe haven, a sacred women’s circle, where they experience unconditional acceptance, support and love. Within the safety of The Circle they find the strength to confront their inner fears and overcome barriers to their happiness.


Love comes in many shapes and sizes. There is romantic love, love for others like family and friends as well as a general love of mankind. One aspect of love that is foundational to all else is love of self. Without love of self, love for others is more challenging and our ability to truly love our life is limited. Whether you read my books or take my classes, the underlying message is about love.


Lily Hughes is called to protect others. Vulnerable adults trust her to safeguard them through times when they can’t do so themselves. But after a divorce that left her the sole provider for her son, she has issues with trust herself. The members of her Sacred Women’s Circle are her allies, but all others are suspect. A new referral, Eleanor, comes with an added complication … a son who thinks Lily isn’t helping, but interfering.

Jackson Montgomery is a sought-after architect, but he loves his mother. He’s added living quarters onto his home and moved her across country to Fremont, OR so he can look after her. As her son, he’s clearly the best man for the job, not a prickly geriatric care manager, no matter how dedicated to her job.

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Elizabeth Elliott’s family is her Sacred Women’s Circle. With The Circle’s support she travels to Ireland to find The Lady and The Sacred Grove.

Michael Murphy, the current guardian of The Lady, knows after what happened to his own father he’ll never risk marrying and having a family.

But he hasn’t met Elizabeth.

Seat partners on the long trip from the States to Ireland, they enjoy each other’s company. When Michael offers to show Elizabeth the real Ireland, she accepts believing this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
Falling in love was not on their itinerary.

To have a life with Michael and The Lady, The Circle will be broken. To keep her commitment to The Circle, she’ll lose Michael and The Lady.

How can Elizabeth have it all?

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Diana Pettybone celebrated her fortieth birthday a few weeks before her Circle sister, Elizabeth’s wedding in Ireland. Staying at The Manor with the newlyweds, she sees with devastating clarity how loveless her own marriage has become.

Her growing jealousy of the love and happiness both Lily and Elizabeth have found threatens their friendships and their Sacred Women’s Circle. Her desire to have a loving committed marriage battles with her fear no one will want her at her age.

At a loss as to how to go forward, Diana turns to her Tarot deck, a Winter Solstice gift, for guidance. Her request? Show Me The Way.

When her estranged husband attacks her, Matthew Houston, one of her community college business class students, becomes her champion.

Tarot readings include the Knight of Pentacles. How will Diana find the strength to put her fear aside and include a younger man in her life?

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Ashley Ann Carlyle Kenner, a stay-at-home mom, finds herself and her three children abandoned by her husband as she fights for her life in a second battle with breast cancer. When circumstances force Ashley to rely on Daniel, she must face the reality he means more to her than just a father-figure for her children.

Daniel Charles O’Donnell fell in love with the Kenner children but kept hands off their mother – she was married and he doesn’t poach. He protects his heart by being a part-time friend to the children. When he is given temporary guardianship of the children, part-time is no longer an option and he must face the demons from an old tragedy.

Dragon and damselflies, Ashley’s power animal, guide her through the dark days as she struggles to win the war against the cancer.

How can the flickering light of her dragonflies show her she is worthy of unconditional love and illuminate the path to her soulmate?

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Hunter Compton ran away at seventeen when she learned she was pregnant. Now she is a successful single mom, who is doing what she loves—teaching dance. A ghost from her past, the man who is the father of her daughter, appears a few months before the girl’s high school graduation. Overhearing her mother argue with the man claiming to be her father, Logan Compton runs away.

Grant Haywood Parker IV has always done his duty and lived up to the expectations of a Haywood Parker, especially a Haywood Parker IV—except for that long ago summer and now. He will do anything to claim Logan as his daughter.

With the support of The Circle, dancing and drumming, Hunter must battle the demons and doubts that plague her, find her daughter and learn the lesson of forgiveness for her own transgressions as well as Grant’s.

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Gabriella Maria Moncrief is blessed. She survived childhood abuse and years on the streets before finding her way to the Sacred Women’s Circle and good friends who sustain her now. But she still suffers nightmares she’s certain have roots in the abuse. When she meets Giovanni, the gentle Italian reaches out, but Gabby is unable to reach back.

Giovanni’s invitation to his villa in Italy includes her circle sister, Sophia, who grieves the loss of a long time friend. There Gabby begins her own healing process. But as she crafts the story of a young homeless girl, a composite of herself and other homeless teens she’s known, Gabby slowly begins to feel different about herself, and her place in the world.

And about Giovanni’s place in her world. But when Gabby is offered a chance to remain in Italy and write, will she have the courage to make this leap of faith? With her circle sisters’ support, how much more can she grow?

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Widowed teacher Sophia Stewart looks for a new way to add purpose to her life after the death of a friend. Her plan: volunteer to check on vulnerable adults. On a dark November night, a home visit goes wrong when a younger man exploiting one of her clients harasses her. Afraid he will follow her up the overgrown path to her car, Sophia calls 911.

Over twenty-five years on the force, where cruel and depraved actions come with the territory, have left Police Captain Cameron “Cam” Mitchell cynical and emotionally closed off. Though off duty, he responds to a radio dispatch to a nearby address. A woman is being threatened. When Sophia scrambles out of the darkness into his arms, the spark between them catches him off guard.

Sophia’s generous nature and love of life despite the tragedies she’s experienced call to the black hole within Cam. The energetic work she and her circle sisters have been doing enables Sophia to see a glimmer of light within the officer’s dark aura. She recognizes who he was—and can be again.
With the support of her circle sisters and their husbands, Sophia and Cam struggle to find their way forward, to build a life of love in the light.

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Visions of happiness

Dr. Mark Parker and his foster son face a social worker who is prejudiced against single parent adoptions. Jocelyn Edwards and her step-daughter flee the little girl’s abusive father ending their cross-country ordeal in Fremont, OR. When a mutual friend brings them together, it is love at first sight for the battered little boy and broken little girl. But the path to love between Jocelyn and Mark is fraught with nightmares from the past and fears of future loss.

To have the future they both desire, Mark and Jocelyn must persevere through the terror of loss to find love and claim their future.

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Intensive trainings, whether basic or advanced, have the same content and follow a similar format. Basic trainings are an introduction to the concept of Choice Theory and the procedures that lead to change.

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Same requirements and fees as the Basic Intensive Training. Content is at a higher level of application, participants expected to role play and discuss concepts at a more in-depth level.

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Certification is a time for you to show your competency in using Choice Theory in a variety of situations. You and your Advanced Practicum Supervisor will co-evaluate your readiness for this final step.

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Staying Sane in a Crazy World

Some of us do better at crafting and following through with plans to ease their path in life when part of a group. In this workshop, participants will follow the process outlined in Staying Sane in a Crazy World to design their Personal Staying Sane Plan.

Yes! You Can Create A Life You Love

If you know what you want to create, to manifest that’s great! You are several steps closer to achieving it. However, knowing your goal is not always enough unless you are aware of the obstacles to that success. Yes! You Can Create A Life You Love provides participants with a guide to identify those barriers and find the best way to move forward, past the blocks to that life you love.

Creating A Spiritual Practice That Works For You

Looking for an alternative to traditional religious practices?
Want to add to your spirituality? Or
Curious about what “alternative spiritual practices” might be?
Using examples from her The Sacred Women’s Circle series, Judith will lead participants in a discussion about what their thoughts and beliefs are about what is sacred, what is divine as well as how to incorporate these thoughts and beliefs into a spiritual practice that fits their lifestyle.

Supporting Your Writing Life

You will learn about five basic universal needs so you can create your personal ‘needs profile.’ Next, using your Personal Needs Profile, you will craft a writing life support plan designed perfectly for You.

  1. Do you work full time?
  2. Have an active family life?.
  3. Do you want to be more productive?
  4. Have you tried the writing process of other writers but failed to stay with it?
  5. Do you feel stuck, frustrated trying to balance your ‘real life’ with your ‘writing life’?
  6. Did you answered ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions?

Simple Ways to Identify and Increase Character Conflict

  1. What is the the role conflict plays in storytelling?
  2. How do the five basic universal needs impact internal and external character conflict?
  3. Why create a Need-Strength Profile for your main characters?
  4. How can you use this information to naturally increase internal and external conflict in your story?

No pre-requisite but a WIP would be helpful.